24.05.2017 09:40

What makes us tick

 A while back we asked a group of non-Nordic stakeholders to share their views on what attributes they associate with Nordic countries, Nordic people and the Nordic mindset. 

As preparations are underway for the opening of our COOL Nordic Cargo Hub, this felt like the perfect time to reflect on the essence of our geographic location and how our lifestyle and way of thinking affects our approach to business. 

The replies were fascinating and when grouped together I noticed that many of the characteristics are in fact interlinked with each other. The following short list, compiled in no particular order, does not cover each and every aspect of the Nordic Way, but sheds light on what our customers value most when choosing a transportation partner.

  • sustainability, eco friendliness
  • design, high quality
  • trustworthiness, reliability – accountability
  • honesty, transparency
  • partnership, loyalty, faithfulness, keeping promises
  • straightforwardness, simplicity, directness
  • being well organized, systematical, professionalism
  • forward thinking, innovative
  • fdedicated, service oriented

I am happy to see that the above-mentioned attributes are actively present in our “Ready for COOL” project, where project team members are eagerly working to create a unique operational model for our new state-of-the-art cargo hub, which will revolutionize our ability to serve customers. 

The Nordic Way is at the heart of how we operate and will surely be part of the equation when developing future services at Finnair Cargo. Stay tuned for more insight!