Janne Tarvainen


My name is Janne Tarvainen. I live in Sipoo, Finland, with my wife and two children. Prior to joining Finnair Cargo in November 2015, I worked in senior roles in airline operations. Altogether my experience in the aviation business spans over 22 years.

There are many reasons why I find cargo business interesting, even addictive. It is global and dynamic, and every day it offers opportunities to learn more. On top of that, Finnair Cargo is taking major steps forward. In the end, however, the business is about people. I am thrilled about the attitude and proudness of the Finnair Cargo professionals. In the competitive and volatile market, we need to learn new ways of working and be flexible in order to provide first class service and solutions to our customers.

We are enthusiastic about taking it to the next level. Passionate and customer-focused people, a competitive A350 fleet, and the new cargo terminal will be an unbeatable combination. I am sure our customers will feel the difference.