Heikki Nikamaa


My name is Heikki Nikamaa, and I am responsible for Finnair Cargo's station and freighter operations.

During my 23 years at Finnair Cargo I’ve held a variety of positions and thus have had the opportunity to learn the secrets of this business from several angles.
Back in 1992 I had the opportunity to help streamline Finnair Cargo’s processes by creating Finnair Cargo's Space Control. I oversaw its operations for more than five years, and came to learn the ABCs of cargo by heart.

My career took a new turn in 2010 when Finnair Cargo’s management appointed me to develop our freighter services together with our sales team. After six months of meticulous preparation work, the first flight took off to Seoul in May of 2010. Finnair Cargo's freighter services have, since then, been extended to selected destinations in Asia, Europe and North America.
The development of our freighter services continues, and offering excellent air cargo services remains a priority.