16.07.2012 11:59

Two years of freighter service via Helsinki

When we first launched Finnair Cargo's freighter services in May 2010, the business climate was favourable. We started off with freighter flights to Seoul and Hong Kong, and added more destinations later that year.

When business conditions started to change, due to the economic downturn and rising fuel prices, we needed to fine-tune our service offerings. Thanks to careful evaluation and some readjustments, we have been able to face the tougher times better.

We do know, however, that our customers would welcome additional freighter connections in the future, and we are constantly evaluating new opportunities. Adding new destinations or flights requires careful planning. Because we want to be able to set up new services in a manner that is optimal for us and our customers, the necessary preparations take some time. This will ensure a sustainable service for a longer time.

With our current services, which involve both passenger and freighter aircraft, we already cover the majority of the world’s most important cargo hubs. In order to add more freighter destinations and frequencies, we need to look into several destinations and factors simultaneously; we must be able to coordinate schedules to all destinations in the best possible way, and secure the necessary hub operations at new destinations. 

Bearing in mind that this kind of planning requires a sufficient time span, I must admit that I would be pleased to get the chance to inform you of Finnair Cargo's new freighter services. Until then, I wish you all a wonderful summer with lots of sunshine!