23.04.2012 13:48

The sunny season arrives

While those in Central Europe enjoyed blooming trees and rising temperatures in late March, we Finns were still wishing for the snow to disappear. And even after the layers of snow melt and the days get longer, spring snowfalls can turn our cities white again. We sometimes console ourselves with a local saying, “new snow is the death of the old,” knowing that fresh, moist snow can speed up the melting of icy heaps.

All of us love the return of the magical sun; in the spring we are already enjoying between 14 and 15 hours of daylight. The first timid flowers are pushing their way up from the ground, and more migratory birds are arriving every day. Now we just wait for the night temperatures to stay above 0˚C.

In Europe, the feel of a fresh start isn’t just brought on by the change in seasons. In 2012, the demand for air cargo has taken a welcome upturn in most markets. Cargo space on our flights is filled to capacity and different economic forecasts are promising even better times, at least for the second half of the year.

Although potential threats always exist – raw oil prices, discussions around flyover rights, natural disasters, troubles in the economy – we are staying positive. Customers are looking for a reliable, consistent and flexible partner who has stable schedules, stays on the market, honours agreements and informs customers about possible changes. We will remain a strong partner and a successful airline in the years to come if we continue to fill these requirements and develop our processes and services.

P.S. The gorgeous light of the Finnish spring and summer helps us endure the long winters. Should you visit Finland in May or June, make sure to pack a sleeping mask. And those who count sheep with the help of a book can spend the whole night reading without artificial light.