18.06.2015 15:53

The Spanish chain reaction

I have just received wonderful news: Air Cargo Club Barcelona has named Finnair Cargo as the most reliable airline of 2014/2015 in Spain.

Geographically speaking, Spain is not exactly in our back yard, and Finnair does not have direct flights from Spain to any destination other than Helsinki.

Due to the aircraft types used between Spain and Finland, we usually need to truck big shipments through our second European cargo hub in Brussels, Belgium. Furthermore, most of the goods Finnair transports are transited beyond Helsinki to major Asian cities. In fact, only two percent of the goods we transport actually have Helsinki as their end destination.

Considering these circumstances, receiving an award for being the most reliable airline in Spain makes me proud. It is proof that we are doing many things right. As we transport the goods on connecting flights via our Helsinki hub, it is only natural that we focus on providing excellent service—and we do not promise more than we can deliver.

Spain’s stamp of approval is also an indication that Finnair has been successful in finding and choosing the best cooperation partners in the cargo business. Because let's face it: transporting goods is a ‘chain reaction’. Every component must be handled professionally, and always within agreed time frames: a Global Sales Agent takes care of bookings while different terminals physically handle the goods. Then there are trucking companies and ramp handlers who all play their part, not to mention the document handling required in different phases of the process. If even one of these links fails, the goods will not arrive at their destination on time.

Thank you for giving us this recognition, Air Cargo Club Barcelona! The award belongs to every person representing each link that keeps this chain strong.