21.08.2012 09:47

The importance of air transit

Before joining Finnair Cargo three months ago, I could never have imagined what complex logistics and fierce competition we face on a daily basis. During my time on the team I have also seen, however, that there is no question about the long-term viability of air freight or Finnair’s position on the market - as a dynamic boutique cargo carrier in Northern Europe that connects Asia and Europe.

We in the cargo business are global movers of goods – we move an array of items that are precious to their senders and recipients. I am often amazed by the great variety of items we transport. It makes me very proud to lead Finnair Cargo’s team of professionals and to work with colleagues from our partner companies.

A large part of our business is remaining alert to potential future trends, macroeconomic changes and political decisions made both at our origins and our destinations. Cargo is a truly fascinating business – dare I even say that our colleagues on the passenger side don’t often even realize it. I’m able to say this because I worked on passenger traffic for 14 years.

Cargo professionals are in a perfect position to remind stakeholders about the crucial role air freight plays in the development of markets. Fast, safe and reliable transportation of goods is needed in every country.

I was very happy to see that the global forwarding community chose Finland as the world’s third most efficient country in terms of logistics handling (World Bank LPI - Logistics Performance Index). Only Singapore and Hong Kong were rated higher. This survey includes all modes of freight, so air cargo only makes up a small section of the results. Having this excellent foundation and international honour, however, can generate more business for us and encourage us to further develop our Helsinki hub. Ranking lists are brutally honest, and we need to re-earn this recognition every day, with every shipment. We at Finnair Cargo will be working even harder in the future to listen to our customers, develop relevant products, shape our route network and secure world-class handling at our gateway airports.

We at Finnair Cargo look forward to serving you and connecting Europe with Asia and North America.

Welcome aboard!