15.05.2012 12:51

Steady navigation in tumultuous markets

Well, 2012 has already proven to be an interesting year.  After enjoying some momentum from 2011 early in the year, the market soon reverted to its unpredictable self.

Navigating the turbulent waters of the international air freight world requires a steady and creative hand.  Severe fluctuations drive the market, and trends seem to change on a monthly basis. This scenario has been quite prevalent in our neck of the woods over the last decade or so, and Finnair has had to develop a flexible approach to ensure that we remain relevant and viable. Not having the muscle, the capacity or the network of the mega-carriers, we have recognised the importance of maintaining the highest quality of customer service and satisfaction. We offer customers competitive prices, punctual performance, a high “flown as booked” rate and effective problem solving.  As a result, the freight forwarding community in the US and North America has a positive image of Finnair.
We may be a tiny ship in this vast sea, but have also managed to turn our relatively small size to our advantage. Just as a smaller sea vessel is more nimble and can easily alter its direction to follow a more favourable course, we can react more readily to economic changes.  
Now that our company has grown in the Asian markets, we have also been able to carve out a niche for ourselves among companies transporting products from the US. We have been increasing our sales to Singapore, Bangkok, Delhi, Mumbai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and elsewhere. Our expansion has provided us with the opportunity to supplement our destinations in Northern and Eastern Europe, the Baltic countries and Russia with connections to Asia, and has also helped us maintain full loads on both passenger and cargo flights.
The air freight industry may encounter uncharted waters in the future, but one thing is for sure: Finnair will stay its course and continue to provide a steady hand for our clients – one that they have grown to appreciate.

Anthony LaRusso