04.07.2012 11:27

Setting optimistic goals

After 13 years at Finnair, I transitioned over to the Finnair Cargo team in 2011. During the past year I’ve had a chance to connect with my global network of colleagues in different corners of the world. In May, for example, I met with members of our Cargo sales team in Japan, Korea, China and India. During this trip I also experienced a 5.3-richter earthquake and pre-monsoon rains!

At the end of June, meanwhile, we held a sales convention that brought our global sales team to Helsinki. In addition to introducing myself to team members I hadn’t previously met, I also had the chance to set some goals for both myself and Finnair Cargo for the second part of the year. The convention was an excellent opportunity for me to hear about the current state of cargo markets throughout the world.

It is not an easy time for the industry. It seems that the cycles between “good times” and “bad times” are growing even shorter. Current trends indicate declining market conditions, and no-one has a crystal ball that could tell us when the outlook will begin to improve. We are remaining optimistic, however, that the second half of 2012 will bring with it slight improvements from the first half.

Finnair Cargo’s strategy has been, and continues to be, based on long-term growth. We plan to double the number of our long-haul flights by 2020, and also grow our freighter operations.

The future – how we are able to grow the number of kilos we transport – is in our hands.