26.09.2017 10:35

Opening praises

This week, Finnair’s new COOL Nordic Cargo Hub officially became part of Helsinki Airport’s infrastructure. Police inspected the terminal and the warehouse area was incorporated into the airport’s security controlled zone. With this important milestone, Finnair Cargo is one step closer to taking the terminal into use. At the moment, the terminal is occupied by our project team who are fine-tuning both the operational model and processes. We are happy to announce that “real” operations will kick off in early October when the Perishables area of the terminal opens for business.

COOL, as we at Finnair fondly refer to the terminal, earns its name from the temperature-controlled cool storage zones as well as from the operational model. Our new COOL Control Center (CCC) coordinates the work of the entire hub with a brand-new warehouse automation system that is linked to our cargo management system and work-steering processes. These elements, together with the building’s sustainability features (including solar panels on the roof), contribute to the Finnair Group’s sustainable development plan in regard to Finnair facilities. And together with Finnair’s next-generation Airbus A350 XWB fleet, the terminal allows us to increase our cargo capacity and raise the bar for both environmental performance and operational efficiency. 

Besides adopting cleaner technologies and driving operational and infrastructure improvements to reduce environmental impact, there is something else we can do when thinking about the cargo industry as a whole. As the logistics business is very fragmented (with multiple stakeholders involved in every single shipment and across various transport modes), we believe that open collaboration and data sharing is essential to a sustainable business. Closer collaboration and ensuring smooth data – and cargo – flows help to avoid unnecessary actions and optimize processes for smoother service throughout the transport chain – while also improving customer experience and satisfaction.

The Nordic countries hold sustainability close to their hearts. So, it thrills me that there are many ways in which Finnair and our partner companies can work toward a cleaner, more caring and collaborative future.