07.08.2013 20:18

New season, a new push

During my inaugural 15 months in the air cargo business I haven’t experienced a single dull moment. This is a quickly changing business in which an airline has to fight for almost every shipment; we still face sluggish demand and considerable overcapacity in many route areas.

One crucial part of the cargo puzzle is operations within one’s home base. More than 70% of all freight transported by Finnair – whether by passenger aircraft, freighter or road feeder services – goes through Helsinki Airport as transit cargo. We can think of all of our freight as "unaccompanied minors;" our cargo does not move from one place to another on its own and requires assistance.

Taking into account short transit times, changed allotments, sometimes incorrect shipment measurements and temperature-sensitive shipments, moving cargo presents diverse challenges! Cargo requires constant monitoring, a willingness to act quickly and an ability to make decisions and come up with alternative solutions. Even with today’s lower yields, every flight should be full of cargo.

Major respect should be given to everybody who works in flight planning, cargo capacity optimization, warehouse and ramp transportation, loading teams, terminal office units and load control planning. These are tough, constantly changing jobs.

We at Finnair Cargo are committed to smooth and accurate handling. This autumn our goal is to become a full member of IATA’s Cargo 2000 quality monitoring program, which will give us an open, transparent way to measure our quality delivery and position ourselves against our main competitors. This goal will indicate a major shift within Finnair Cargo’s operations worldwide, as well as with our service providers. We will have tough quality measurements to live up to. This is a good thing, as it pushes us to do an even better job.

This summer has been promising in our cargo shipment volume development, four months after the opening of our second cargo hub in Brussels. We can clearly see the first fruits of our expanded network coverage in Central Europe, but as I said, we need to continue to fight for every shipment, today, tomorrow and for days and weeks to come. 

We are committed to serving you and improving our service delivery!