04.05.2017 12:47

Lost in the VUCA world?

Remember the so-called “good old days” when life was or at least seemed to be somewhat simpler? Well, the world today has indeed changed. Many of us lead a fast-paced lifestyle and view the world rather differently. So, too, do we at Finnair Cargo. Just as we do in our personal lives, Finnair Cargo is navigating its way through a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). 

Rapid change is more a norm than exception these days. Change is inevitable in all levels and layers of an organization. And this fact drives Finnair Cargo to constantly rethink its way of working and to keep moving forward.
But old habits are hard to die, yet they need to be challenged and ultimately let go. To do so, there needs to be a purpose, an anchor so-to-speak – something that we are committed to exploring, no matter what the environment. Our mission and purpose at Finnair Cargo is clear: to serve our customers by providing the best network and schedules and delivering their freight in a reliable and professional manner.
Not being able to predict the future can feel scary, as nothing can be taken for granted nor guaranteed. Therefore, we need to look inward and find the courage to be honest and accept our weaknesses and vulnerability. This courage and honesty was tested in December during our SkyChain implementation. We had to learn a completely new and different way of working throughout our supply chain from booking to delivery of goods. That, combined with a tight process and system discipline, dropped us to our knees from a performance perspective. On the flip side, though, that challenge pulled together our various departments and stakeholders who worked relentlessly around the clock to get customer deliveries back on track by the holiday season. 
All the above leads us back to purpose: re-evaluating what is essential and honing in on what is important. Finnair’s three core values (Courage, Simplicity and Commitment to Care) have helped us to understand what is truly important from not only our perspective, but from that of our customers as well. To stay fit to fight, we need to be present and listen to each other. Every six months, Finnair Cargo holds Big Picture Days where teams discuss ongoing projects, review financial and commercial performance and debate the state of the industry. This transparency, aligned with our corporate strategy, creates a shared vision, which is highly important in the VUCA world. 
As I write this blog, the sun is shining and we at Finnair Cargo are looking forward to the season ahead which will culminate with the opening of our COOL Nordic Cargo hub. In my next blog, I’ll of course reflect on the project and how our navigation through a VUCA world has continued.
I wish you all a very enjoyable summer season!