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Japan blooms

Sakura (cherry blossom) season is in the air. My recent Japan Airlines flight to Korea featured sakura-themed in-flight meals and music selections, while a stroll along Aoyama street (route 246) in Tokyo’s Omotesando neighbourhood revealed that McDonald’s, too, is serving a seasonal item: the “Sakura teritama” is a teriyaki burger with a fried egg (tamago) on top.

As a result of a cold winter in Japan, this year’s sakura season has arrived a little later than usual. I have listed below the expected dates of sakura blooming and the estimated best times to view the blossoms. Weather conditions such as rain, wind and temperature changes can have a big impact on when and how long the trees bloom. Prior to planning your trip, check the sakura forecast site.



Estimated Best Viewing  


March 30

April 5 to 14


March 31

April 7 to 16





March 29

April 6 to 15


March 31

April 7 to 15


March 31

April 7 to 15


March 31

April 6 to 14


April 6

April 11 to 23


March 29

April 5 to 13


March 31

April 6 to 13


April 23

April 28 to May 6


May 2

May 5 to 12


May 4

May 7 to 14

This year marks the centennial of Japan presenting more than 3,000 cherry trees to Washington, D.C as a gift. Sakura trees still bloom in the city annually. When they were transported in 1912, it took more than a month to get them across the ocean; today it takes just over 12 hours to fly from Japan to the East Coast of the US and roughly nine hours to Finland. It goes without saying that the differences in logistics then and now are incomparable.

Should you want to celebrate the season in Finland, there is a sakura park in Helsinki, in the neighbourhood of Roihuvuori, called Kirsikkapuisto.

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Takeshi Yokoyama

P.S. I am also happy to inform our cargo customers that the number of Finnair flights to and from Japan will be increased again for the summer. As of May 31st, flights to Tokyo will be increased from seven to ten times a week, while daily connections to both Nagoya and Osaka will continue.

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