05.01.2016 11:59

Half the COOL marathon completed

Two years ago Finnair’s Executive Board gave us permission to start planning the concept for our new cargo terminal. Now, with 2015 behind us, the COOL terminal frame has been erected, the walls and roof are up, and the floors have been cast. Inside the terminal, the installation of Lödige’s material handling system started in January 2016.

In about 17 more months we can move into our new facility. We are more than half-way through our COOL marathon, but we still have a long road ahead of us before we cross the finish line.

We reached a major milestone at the end of 2015 when we signed the contract for the new CMS (Cargo Management System) with Mercator. Our current CMS was in its sunset phase, and the time had come to replace it anyway. In order to build interfaces between warehouse automation and the CMS, we needed to find a supplier with the right capability and experience.

The task has not been easy, and plenty of hours have gone into building the interface between Lödige and Mercator. However, it has been great to witness the high level of professionalism that each organization has deployed in solving the issues that have come up during the project.

We have two important go-live dates coming up: the opening of the COOL terminal in May 2017, and the go-live date of Mercator’s CMS in autumn 2016. The CMS will have its launch when operations are still running in the old terminal. We will hold training sessions for the new system, called SkyChain, as close to the go-live date as possible. This means that August and September will be heavy training periods for our stakeholders using SkyChain.

In preparation, we have been training our trainers since last September. This group of 16 ‘Next Generation Cargo Professionals’ forms the backbone of the Train the Trainer model. I am happy to note how committed and motivated the group is. Keep up the good work!   

Exciting times are ahead of us in 2016 – Happy New Year!