24.02.2015 14:33

From one island to Asia – and from another to the Americas

This week, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with IAG Cargo! Thanks to IAG Cargo’s Partner Plus Program, we can offer an even broader network of destinations ‒ especially in North and South America – as the cooperation offers expanded route availability via London and Madrid. 

The Americas is exactly where our customers have requested the expansion the most. Through the Partner Plus collaboration, our customers will also benefit from confirmed bookings, frequent service, and commitment on service reliability.

Finland is often said to be an island, and not without reason: when traveling southward or westward on land, you will always end up face-to-face with water. If you were to insist on driving from Helsinki to Stockholm, the capital of our dear neighbor, Sweden, you would have to drive almost all the way up to the Arctic Circle in order to head back south toward Stockholm. You would reach your destination after driving some 1,700 kilometers altogether. You would probably not expect that this so-called island of ours offers one hundred intercontinental wide-body flights to Asia per week.

The scale of another island, though, is quite different. Due to the size of its economy, and the somewhat better connections to Central Europe by road and rail, the United Kingdom is in a class of its own. The offering of British Airways still continues to amaze me: with some 200 destinations, they actually rank seventh globally. Now, through the new strategic partnership, Finnair is able to offer capacity to over 50 of those destinations.

When looking at the demographics, it makes sense to fly to Asia from Helsinki: China is just over seven hours away, and Japan can be reached within nine hours. Even Southeast Asia is less than ten hours away. The flight times are roughly the same between the United Kingdom and North America, and between Spain and South America.

So, when we already have seven daily flights between Helsinki and London, and one daily flight between Helsinki and Madrid, this new piece totally completes the puzzle!