02.12.2016 11:50

Fit for the digital future

As part of Finnair’s strategy to leverage digitalization, the company launched a "Fit for Future Slush Edition" program for selected staff members from various departments. I was one of the lucky few selected to take part and on December 1st I had the opportunity to attend SLUSH 2016 at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Center. Our group of 155 Finnair employees started the day with a short tour of the exhibition hall, after which everyone was free to explore the booths and seminars at their own pace. 

I spent the day listening to several innovative start-up pitches as well as speeches and campfire/panel discussions around topics such as the latest deep technologies (including AR, VR, AI, block chain technology, bots, 3D printing, etc.), mobile brand building and organizational culture boosting product development. It was interesting to observe that disruption in the business environment seems to be a common occurrence across a wide range of industries and the search for new opportunities brought on by digitalization can fundamentally change the way businesses cooperate. Sustainability was also a key topic as were innovations to improve our daily lives and wellbeing, which I found truly inspiring.

It was a privilege to spend the day with the over 17,000 attendees who share the same enthusiasm for new technologies. I look forward to following how the development in our industry progresses.

Wishing you all a great December!