15.08.2017 14:02

Fastest route toward competitive advantage

I was inspired to write this blog while on a flight from London to Helsinki (in a Finnair aircraft, of course)! As I was leafing through the inflight shopping catalogue, I was pleasantly surprised by the product range – everything from wearables, to Nordic design items, to cosmetics and perfumes. 

Maybe it was all that fragrance in my mind, but suddenly I started to think about logistics. There are a lot of processes that take place between production and final delivery to the consumer. Processes that must run like clockwork: everything at the right time in the right place and in mint condition. I wonder if manufacturing companies are truly aware what significance their supply chain has on their success? 

Taking this thought one step further, what would be the impact if companies made incremental changes to their supply chain strategy in terms of agility? Could the changes have a positive spin on company success, new revenue gain, balance sheet health, overall profitability and even customer experience? I say yes!

Time to market or rather speed to market should be part of any company’s operational strategy. There are multiple ways to speed up the supply chain – production, transportation, inventory management, etc. Obviously, transportation is usually the longest, especially if a company works globally. Yet only a few companies utilize air freight as their primary mode of transport. Don’t get me wrong. While air freight provides a great opportunity to speed up the supply chain, air freight alone will not make a supply chain fast. That said, most fast supply chains do rely on air freight.

Finnair Cargo is an example of a company that contributes to fast supply chain solutions through its expansive route network. I invite every company to see what a faster supply chain can do for both business and customers. There is a lot of potential to be discovered and a fast supply chain can be a point of differentiation – a real and tangible competitive advantage.

Companies with a faster supply chain will always have a better opportunity to be successful. It doesn’t matter how great of a product you have if you are unable to get it to your customer fast enough.

I wish you a great journey discovering your supply chain potential!