29.08.2016 10:49

Excitement and dread of a new IT system

Replacing a company's IT system is a huge undertaking. At some point, a company is forced to either upgrade its existing system or go for a complete replacement. The decision to make the switch usually boils down to the fact that the current system is outdated; and despite continuous improvements, the system cannot support current processes. 

Well, Finnair Cargo is about to transition into a new system. The legwork for SkyChain actually started a few years ago with sneak peeks of various platforms. We eventually chose the one that best suited our needs.  

There are many of details to consider so that it all runs smoothly from the get-go. For one, we want to migrate only the relevant information about our customers. Second, there are an astonishing amount of background settings that need to be defined and fed into the system – such as shipment priorities, approval rights, etc. 

Cargo Professionals have spent the last year getting comfortable with the new system. Now these experts are our teachers and guides, as well as our IT helpdesk.

I recently took part in a training course. I have to say, it was a rather interesting process. At first I was excited to learn about all the features and possibilities. But then frustration set in. The system felt strange. My brain was not accustomed to this new way of thinking! Why am I supposed to hit these buttons? Why do I have to type in different commands? 

But as the day progressed, there was a definite learning curve. The new way started to feel less alien, and by the next day I was already happily saying: "Oh, this could be good.” That initial feeling of excitement returned as I started to come across features that I know will mean really big improvements for customers, and will make bookings, invoicing and logistics so much easier. 

The next four weeks will see group after group participating in these trainings. I know all of my colleagues here at Finnair Cargo will go through the same ups and downs and frustrations as I did. But I also know how rewarding it will be to witness the excitement and anticipation that will spread throughout the Finnair organization. 

Have a nice start to autumn.