23.02.2017 16:00

Breaking through the wall

My previous update on the status of our COOL project mentioned that we had reached the half way mark. I am happy to say we are on the last stretch of this marathon. And even though construction is complete and we can see the finish line, there is a lot more to do. 

Last fall, while Lödige completed the physical installation of the Material Handling System (MHS) we went live with SkyChain but to ensure we can run the COOL terminal as planned from IT-steering point of view four gates need to be passed through with the Lödige/Mercator interface. Three out of four of those gates are now complete and the final interface test is scheduled after the Easter holidays in April.  

To run this last leg, we've compiled a new team. There are close to 50 project team members in the "Ready for COOL" project that focuses on getting everything in place for the opening of our new COOL Nordic Cargo Hub terminal. Some team members are dedicated full-time to the project; whereas some work in daily operations as well as on the project. It is important that operational personnel from both Finnair and HUB Logistics, our terminal operator partner, are involved in this together. After all, COOL is the new hub for our operations and these personnel need to know how the terminal works.  

What is this team actually doing? They need to understand how the MHS works, they need to know the operational processes, they need to know SkyChain, and what needs to be done within the Lödige MHS system. They also focus on creating the new COOL Control Center, training colleagues, and planning the migration from the old terminal to the COOL Nordic Cargo Nordic Hub. Plenty to do.      

By the time you read this, the local construction authority will have conducted their final approval checks, after which the terminal will be handed over to us. Our target is to open COOL after the summer and before the busy autumn season. To pinpoint the exact day or week is a bit of a challenge. But the picture gets clearer with each step.

So, the marathon continues. Fortunately, we have a good team to run these final miles – eventually crossing the finish line together! 

Ari Soinola,
Director Cargo Excellence