28.07.2016 10:34

The virtue of patience

July is the most popular holiday month in Finland, and our project teams and many other staff members have been enjoying their well-earned summer vacations this month. When they come back to the office, I am sure that many of them, just like me, are already eagerly awaiting the big go-live dates ahead: October 1st for the new CMS and mid-May 2017 for the new terminal opening. 
Before we reach those dates, there are still a lot of preparations to be made, and we need to patiently take all the necessary steps to ensure the best results. Most of us have probably experienced similar situations in our private lives, too. Working on different matters step-by-step might sometimes seem tedious but in the end, they deliver the best results as this approach gives us a chance to evaluate more alternatives and to prepare for different scenarios.
Advancing various projects with a phased approach to reach a future goal also teaches us to multitask in a broader sense. It allows us to consider the linkages between various stakeholders and to follow the latest trends and developments in our particular field of interest. This way we can make sure we have the most recent information available when deciding which elements are essential for our desired future state. Working our way ahead purposefully gives us peace of mind on our journey.
Have a great August everyone! We'll keep you posted on our progress.