18.05.2015 13:00

Fresh logistics at its best

One relaxing activity during the Nordic summer is berry picking. Finland offers plenty of healthy, tasty treats: blueberries, lingonberries, raspberries, cloudberries – all free of charge! A Finnish law called Everyman's Right allows anyone the right to roam into a natural area and freely pick as much berries as he or she wants. The only limitation is that you respect domestic property and stay away from a private house or cottage. However, this is not a problem since there is enough wilderness to go around. For your own safety, though, keep a road or power line in sight if the area is unfamiliar. Despite Everyman’s Right, it is estimated that 90 percent of berries is left unpicked in the Finnish forests.

Whenever possible, my family and I grab our buckets and head a few hundred meters to the nearest forest to do some real work. In no time, we have delicious fruits of the forest on our dining table. If we want to be extreme, we leave our phones behind. The wonderful nature is all we need to keep us entertained.

It is advised to play some rock music to keep the wild animals away. Still, we hear stories of curious bears that are big AC/DC fans… Just kidding, it is nearly impossible to bump into anything dangerous in the Nordic forests. Bears, wolves, and lynx are rare, and you have a better chance of winning the lottery than running into these creatures. The worst that can happen is that you get mosquito bites. The tranquility makes all the difference compared to the hectic work life in the city. 

Back to logistics. At Finnair Cargo we, of course, do not focus on these extra short deliveries from field to the customer's plate within Finland, but when the distances become long, that is when we excel. Seafood from the Norwegian fjords to the sushi restaurants in Asia in the belly of Finnair's wide-bodies in less than 40 hours is probably our best-known example. We also carry perishable fresh fruits and vegetables, live goldfish that need fast transportation, and more and more temperature-sensitive shipments for the pharmaceutical industry. These all require special attention.

The air cargo industry has made brilliant discoveries to protect sensitive shipments. In addition, Finnair has geographical advantages. The shortest distance between Asia and Europe often goes via Finnish air space, and Finnair's excellent Helsinki hub happens to be in an area where changing temperatures are relatively easy to handle. Summers are warm, but not too hot, and winters with sub-zero temperatures and snow just mean business as usual for us. Regardless of weather, we know how to keep shipments at the right temperatures and protected – just as our customers want.

We do not solely rely on the known-how we have gathered during our more than 90-year experience as an airline. As in any business, it is essential to be prepared for the future. Our new, highly functional cargo terminal will be in operation in spring 2017. What is more, with the Airbus 350s joining our fleet this autumn, selling cargo at Finnair will be even more fantastic than today. But so is berry picking in a clean, fresh-air environment, too, and anyone can enjoy this form of relaxation. 

Welcome to fantastic Finland!