10.05.2016 10:56

Recycling makes the world go round

Spring is time for renewal and once again time to make changes. My family and I are packing up and moving back to our home country Finland. What this sixth international relocation in 14 years has taught us is to get rid of clutter. As much as it is emotional to part with a practically un-used winter jacket bought only ten years ago, maybe it is time to assess whether the trend has changed. Well it has, according to my wife and daughter! Of course we will recycle as much as we can. We’ve sold some of our furniture here in Bangkok, and we’ve donated toys and children’s clothing to a day care center supported by the Finnish Church and the Finnish community in Thailand. Curtains, bedding and not-so-trendy clothes will have a new life in my parents-in-law’s summer cottage. 

Spring is also time for change at Finnair Cargo – albeit a bit bigger than my move. The outside of the new COOL terminal at Helsinki Airport looks very ready, however the interior of the state-of-the-art warehouse with a very modern cargo handling system won’t be ready to serve until 2017. In order for all this hardware to work, we need motivated and skilled people. Finnair Cargo staff is already studying the new system, which provides better possibilities to handle our cargo operations, bookings, invoicing, pricing, etc. – the complete package.

One thing I have learned from the younger generation is that anyone can learn to use gadgets. It is just a matter of willingness and trying – and in that order. Mistakes are important from a learning point of view: If you don't make mistakes – you do nothing. 

I’m pleased to say that Finnair Cargo’s IT infrastructure will be in working order after this summer. That means everyone under the Finnair Cargo umbrella has several months to become familiar with this new toy well before shipments starts to flow through the super functional COOL terminal. But all this doesn't happen without combined cargo know-how. It is great to see colleagues open to change, thoughts and ideas fromdifferent sides of logistics, the airline business, technical solutions, operations and customer service. We are also challenging each other in a positive manner, questioning the good old ways of doing, but also asking critical questions about new processes and ideas. The Finnair Cargo 2016 team is rather diverse – and includes a mix of people of various ages, experience, education and background from Japan to the US. We may be different, but we have one thing in common:  to make Finnair Cargo one of the TOP 5 preferred cargo carriers between Asia, Europe and North America. 

Throughout each of my six international relocations, I have come across many a moving company and sub-contractor across Asia and Europe. Everyone that I’ve been in contact with has been extremely polite and hard working. They’ve taken extra care to deliver our household items in one piece to the other side of the world. I’m sharing this, because to me, this is a relevant example of everyone under the same umbrella in the service chain taking responsibility, which not only creates an excellent result, but a pleasant customer experience. 

And we all know that a happy customer often uses the same service provider again. This works in air logistics, too. 

Happy spring.