24.08.2015 19:29

Anthem for today’s change

In 1964, Bob Dylan wrote his famous folk song The Times They Are a-Changin. The song defined the ‘60s, in a time of demonstrations against the Vietnam War and for civil rights and gender equality.

This long march from the relatively stable and conservative post-war 1950s toward today's more equal society still continues. Much like the generations who witnessed this change, Finnair Cargo, and the entire air cargo industry for that matter, is also facing a transformation. Staying the same is not an option—we want to change before we have to.

The “Next Generation Finnair Cargo” program was kicked off last year, and we are well under way with building the operational foundation for our future success. The change is evident—it is seen and felt in everything we do at Finnair Cargo. All of our teams are working hard on different focus areas and implementations: the launch of our third cargo hub in London, UK, the implementation of the first-in-the-world IATA Pharma Certificate, preparations for the arrival of our first A350 aircraft, replacing our Cargo Management System, and restructuring the HEL Cargo Hub Terminal. The list goes on. 

By far the biggest change, though, will be our modern cargo terminal—'Cool Nordic Cargo Hub', COOL in short. Construction started in April 2015, and visible changes in the landscape happen daily. Every morning as I pass the construction site I am amazed at how fast the terminal walls are climbing. It is exciting to think that in 20 months from now Finnair Cargo can boast a completely renewed skin and operations. Eventually all our projects and development work will lead to a better customer experience, and I hope our customers can feel these changes already.   

We all need to share the same goal and understand why change is necessary. How is it possible? At the very core, I believe, is extensive change management that involves all relevant stakeholders and professionals throughout the global logistic chain. This change management and communication will take place in a number of road shows during the next two years. At the end of the day, everything we do is measured by our customers.

I am thrilled to conclude my first-ever blog post with positive thoughts about the future of Finnair Cargo. I am already looking forward to writing my next entry, and keeping you updated about our future progress and change. 

The Times They Are a-Changin'!