25.04.2016 15:17

The value of new

 It’s been a busy few weeks, to say the least. 

Safety and security have been tightened after the terrorist attack at Brussels Airport. These measures impact our customers, our aviation colleagues and also our operations. Luckily, our people and operations survived, which was not the case with the victims of the attack. An extremely sad event and one that is impossible to comprehend.

Another conversation top of mind lately is growth. It was a topic of particular concern at the IATA World Cargo Symposium in Berlin. Basically, the global air cargo market is stagnating. Airlines and companies are concerned about this - and for good reason. Overcapacity, coupled with new passenger aircraft and low fuel prices, keep old aircraft in the sky. Success in this business environment requires excellent tools, innovative ideas and hard work. AND that leads to us – doesn't it? 

We will soon have all the tools in place to grow. By the end of 2016, Finnair will have seven state-of-the-art A350 aircraft in its fleet. The arrival of this fleet prepares the company for future growth. Needless to say, Finnair Cargo plays an essential role in this growth and is a catalyst to help manage and develop a profitable network. Looking ahead, routes to Fukuoka and Guangzhou will open in early May. The SkyChain cargo management system  will be ready to launch in a few months. And the COOL terminal construction  site is progressing as planned. 

But at the end of the day, it is about the people – the people who work hard, have an open mind, have a positive attitude, and who give us the possibility to execute our strategy. 

Strategy is often considered intangible. This is simply not true. The daily work that goes into fulfilling our customers' expectations and making sure that freight transportation is seamless gives us the competitive edge, all the while supporting our growth strategy in the best possible manner. 

Clearly, these new "tools" will provide us the building blocks to succeed.