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What better way to start the year than with new gadgets. This collection of stylish office gear will ramp up your work space.

ST-USBAP Air Purifier

Your biggest fan

Simple and elegant, this USB-powered device cleanses all that pesky re-circulated air lingering around your cubicle, removing dust and odor via a replaceable filter. The extending body also lets it double as a fan.
About €30.
Space Bar

Bar none

Organize the chaos that is your desk with this anodized aluminum monitor stand. Your screen rests atop the platform, which lets you stow your keyboard, mouse and assorted papers in the space underneath. What’s more, all those unsightly, gangly wires disappear thanks to six convenient USB ports on the front and back.
About €80.
Board 2

Wood you type this?

The updated version of this sleek, wireless Bluetooth keyboard shows off how keen you are to go against the grain. Carved out of a single slab of cherry, maple or walnut, the lightweight, handmade keys are a joy to type on. It’s about as organic and sustainable as you can get while catching up on emails.
From €150.


The cable guy

Never be left with a dead phone thanks to this innovative, compact zinc-alloy case, which eliminates the need to carry an extra cable while on the road. Hidden inside is a USB charging cable, slots for two extra SIM cards and an iPhone SIM card eject tool. About €30.

Intuos Pro PTH851

Forth to the drawing board

The drawing tablet has finally come of age, and Wacom’s large, top-of-the-line model is the perfect excuse to finally scrap that outdated mouse. Features intuitive multi-touch gestures and pressure-sensitive drawing capabilities. Ideal for doodling your next Mona Lisa and signing documents.
About €480.
This article was originally published in Finnair's Blue Wings magazine (January 2015).
Compiled and written by Roger Norum
Photos by iStock and manufacturers


Published January 8, 2015

Category: Collaboration