Winning partnership takes off in Poland


With ECS Group as its new Global Sales Agent in Warsaw, Finnair is set for new heights in Poland, a market touted as the economic powerhouse of the East.

Polish air cargo customers already rank Finnair among Europe’s top cargo carriers—and with experienced ECS Group now pushing business expansion since July 1st, Finnair is set to solidify its hold on a market forecast to move from eighth to seventh largest economy in the EU.

“The feedback from the market confirms that Finnair is already among the preferred carriers for Polish customers. Certainly our first impression is one of great efficiency and professional excellence,” says Olena Krajewska, country manager for Globe Air Cargo Poland, part of ECS Group. 

East Europe’s economic dynamo

Since the collapse of communism in 1989, Poland has witnessed a turnaround nothing short of miraculous. With a population of over 38.4 million, it is one of the key markets in the EU, and one of the most stable economies in the Central and Easter Europe region. 

The European Commission recently reported that real GDP has increased cumulatively by 19 percent since 2008, a rate unparalleled in the EU (EC Country Report for Poland 2015). 

“The current outlook for the Polish airfreight market is extremely positive. We are seeing some dynamic growth and expect the market to continue expanding,” predicts Krajewska, who heads a sales team of six based in Warsaw and Cracow.

“Because the market is growing so rapidly, our biggest challenge is staying one step ahead and forecasting new trends to keep customers satisfied.”

And when it comes to seizing trends, Finnair is ahead of the game. Thanks to its excellent reputation for flexibility and reliable service, the Finnish airline looks poised for success on this dynamic market. “They are very flexible and always do their best to accommodate customers’ expectations—even nonstandard ones,” says Krajewska.

Keeping it cool

Poland exports a large quantity of pharmaceuticals, which requires temperature-controlled shipment—a specialized service in which Finnair is strategically positioned to excel. Other typical export items include spare parts, electronic equipment, automotive parts, cosmetics, food, and chocolates.

“We have a large volume of regular traffic to Japan and US destinations such as New York and Atlanta. With Finnair, we are able to offer excellent service to our customers on these key long-haul routes.”

Smooth, rapid service for smaller cargo items is assured thanks to daily Finnair flights out of Warsaw and Cracow. The Brussels-Helsinki freighter service in turn provides a flexible solution for wide-body cargo.

“Since the start of July we have been emphasizing Finnair options in all communication with our customers, and we are already seeing very positive feedback. There is strong awareness of the Finnair brand, and we believe that with our marketing strategies, it will increase in the upcoming months.”

Olena Krajewska 

• Lives and works in Warsaw.

• “Off work, my interests range from curling up with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate to winter hiking and climbing.”

• Insider tip for travelers visiting Warsaw:
“We have many great cocktail and vodka bars offering local drinks and traditional snacks. The banks of the River Vistula are one huge party area that is always packed in summer time.”


Text by Silja Kudel


Published August 1, 2015

Category: Local features, Finnair Cargo