Recognition for emissions reduction

The Carbon Disclosure Project, operator of the world’s only global climate change reporting system, has commended Finnair for its efforts to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve reporting capabilities, and recognize the strategic business risks associated with climate change.

In the CDP's Nordic Report 2011, Finnair scored higher than any other airline in the Nordic region.
Finnair earned a score of 76 out of 100, a strong improvement over its 2010 score of 61.

A score greater than 70 puts a company in the “high” category of climate change-aware firms. In such companies, the report explains, “senior management understand the business issues related to climate change and are building climate related risks and opportunities into core business.”

The CDP report singled out Finnair for its leadership on biofuels and for its travel agencies’ significant emissions reductions. CDP reports from the rest of the world are forthcoming later this year.

More than 3,000 organizations in 60 countries measure and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions, water management and climate change strategies through the Carbon Disclosure Project, an independent, not-for-profit NGO that assists companies in setting reduction targets and making performance improvements. CDP gathers data on behalf of 551 institutional investors holding 71 trillion USD in assets (51 trillion euros).

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Published October 31, 2011

Category: Environment, Corporate Responsibility