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Finnair wants to be the Number One choice for quality-and environmentally conscious travellers and cargo shippers. The airline participates in a number of environmental and humanitarian projects, and gives its frequent flyers the opportunity to donate expiring Finnair Plus points to various philanthropic initiatives.

Here are just a few examples of Finnair’s societal involvement in a changing world:

  • Finnair cooperates with the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. Finnair Plus members have been able to donate points towards a reforestation project in Madagascar, where about 1,500 trees have been planted thus far with Plus points.

  • Finnair has also joined forces with the Baltic Sea Action Group. As part of the collaboration, Finnair Plus members to donate points towards Baltic Sea cleanup efforts´.

  • Finnair has been a corporate partner of UNICEF since 1994, participating in its yearly Change for Good campaign.

  • As part of the Aircraft Meteorological Data Relay (AMDAR) program, Finnair provides weather measurements to the Finnish National Weather Service and to a number of meteorological institutes globally.

  • Finnair and Finnair Cargo provide assistance to areas struck by humanitarian crises. After earthquakes in Sichuan and Haiti, the medical equipment was delivered and Finnair funded the construction of infrastructure. When the 2011 tsunami and earthquake struck Japan, baby formula was sent to the affected areas, and Finnair Plus members were offered the opportunity to donate points to the Japanese Red Cross; about three million points were donated towards blankets, water bottles and tinned food.

  • In 2011, Finnair participated in the Red Nose Day fundraising event. Plastic red noses are sold and used to collect funds for children in Africa. Finnair Cargo transported 70,000 red noses free of charge from China to Finland. The BBC has organized the Red Nose Campaign since 1998. In Finland, funds have been raised since 2007.

  • Finnair employees are offered continuous training and development opportunities. The company conducts an annual 4D survey among its employees that measures wellbeing at work, identifies trends and pinpoints potential problem areas. Finnair Group also makes use of virtual meetings to reduce the need for unnecessary travel.

  • A Suntours (Aurinkomatkat) representative serves as the chair of the Tour Operators’ Initiative, which promotes environmentally sustainable tourism. Suntours, which is part of Finnair Group, also sponsors programmes protecting wild turtles in Thailand and Greece.

  • Through its collaboration with Nordic Offset, a Finnish company, AREA travel agency offers companies the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions from business travel by donating to renewable energy projects in growing markets such as China and India.

  • Finnair has donated old cabin crew uniforms, blankets and other discarded materials to Uusix and GlobeHope, two Finnish companies that turn used materials into new design items. 

Published February 20, 2012

Category: Collaboration, Environment, Finnair Cargo, Corporate Responsibility