Preserving Madagascar’s biodiversity


Since 2012, Finnair has supported the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) in its work on Project Manondroala, a forest restoration initiative carried out near the village of Andasibe in eastern Madagascar.

The project’s goal is to connect two fragmented areas of rainforest through a forest corridor in order to preserve the wealth of local flora and fauna; the area is considered one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. Project Manondroala is also supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.
Thus far about 80,000 trees have been planted in an area of about 75 hectares. The crop of seedlings represents 82 different rainforest tree varieties that are all native to the region. A crucial part of the project is also to clear the area of aggressive foreign species.
Finnair provides funding for the project, spreads knowledge among customers and stakeholders, and offers the possibility for Finnair Plus members to support FANC’s work. A donation of 1,000 Finnair Plus points buys three tree seedlings (see


Finnair makes it even easier to donate to charity. Passengers can now make a donation to UNICEF Finland when they book their flights on the Finnair website. Donations are possible in sums of one, five or ten euros.
Finnair also collaborates with many other environmental and humanitarian organizations.
Members of Finnair’s frequent flyer program can still donate points to the following charities at
• The Finnish association for Nature Conservation
• The Association of Friends of the University Children’s Hospitals
• The Cancer Society of Finland
• The Finnish Red Cross
• UNICEF Finland
• The Baltic Sea Action Group
• Hope
Photo by Titta Lassila

Published April 15, 2015

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