This is who we are: Team Tokyo


Undeterred by gloomy economic headlines, the Tokyo team is working double-time to maintain its top spot as a preferred provider of quick cargo connections from Asia to the gateways of Europe.

Who: Takeshi Yokoyama
What: Finnair Cargo Sales Director, Japan
Years with Finnair Cargo: 3

“My career with Finnair Cargo started in March 2010, the same year as Western Associates Inc. (WAI) was assigned as our general sales agent in Japan. WAI was established in 1981, and I originally joined Finnair in 1982. Together we run Finnair Cargo in Japan as a close-knit team, drawing on our shared long experience in the air industry.” 

Travel tip: “Stroll down the relaxing promenade in Harajuku. Pop in for gyoza (dumplings) and Nama (draught) beer at a cosy little restaurant called Harajuku Gyozaro – an amazing combination after the walk.”

Who: Yutaka Chiba
What: Senior General Manager for Cargo Sales and Marketing Manager (WAI) Years with Finnair Cargo: 3

“I am in charge of overall sales, customer service and marketing strategies together with Mr Yokoyama. The air freight Industry has been declining month by month since mid-2012, especially exports to Central Europe. There is intense competition, but I enjoy the challenge of delivering what the customer wants – always.”

Travel tip: “Palm Shotengai is one of the biggest shopping arcades in Tokyo. You can buy almost anything you want at very reasonable prices. And you don’t have to worry about the weather!”

Who: Hiroko Yonemochi
What: Marketing Administration Manager (WAI)
Years with Finnair Cargo: 3

“I’m responsible for revenue accounting activities and tasks such as filing fuel surcharges and carrier rates with the Japanese Government. Supporting our sales team is also my responsibility. I work in the Tokyo-based Western Associates Inc. office. WAI also has offices in Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sapporo.”


Travel tip: “For a great panoramic view of downtown Tokyo, visit the observation deck on the 45th floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tower. It’s fantastic especially at sunset – and it’s free.”

Who: Satoshi Oba
What: Cargo Sales Manager
Years with Finnair Cargo: 3

“I have worked at Narita airport for eleven years as a cargo planner. The Japanese economic situation is challenging, but our team is always doing its best.  We compare favourably with other direct continental flights, and we’re proud of our quick connections to the main gateways in Europe. We mainly handle shipments for big automotive companies.”

Travel tip: “In Wakkanai, Japan’s northernmost city, you can see drift ice in the Ohotsuku Sea in winter. I love the view of Rishiri Island, which is like a floating mountain in the sea.”

 Who: Kensaku Tsukuda
What: Sales Manager
Years with Finnair Cargo: 3

“I used to work as a travel agent, but enjoy the challenges of my current job, such as squeezing in small shipments to decrease our dead space. The market is currently slow. Volumes to TC2 areas (Europe, Africa and the Middle East) have continued to decline because of the sluggish economy. The Düsseldorf cosmetics industry and Amsterdam optical industry are moving now.”

Travel tip: “Visit the hot springs in Hokkaido. The atmosphere is intoxicating, especially in winter.”

Who: Noriyuki Majima
What: Cargo Sales Manager
Years with Finnair Cargo: 3

“I’m the team member with the longest experience in the cargo business, with a long history working for Western Associates Inc. Overall, the outlook is generally challenging at the moment. We mainly ship electrical goods and automotive parts to the EU and US.”

Travel tip: “To see traditional Japan, visit Aizu in the Fukushima Prefecture. Don’t miss the sake breweries. Japanese sake has a very special taste.”

Who: Yoichi Tsukagoshi 
What: Cargo Reservation Supervisor
Years with Finnair Cargo: 7

“My job is to control and coordinate cargo space and unit load devices and then build a plan to ensure smooth and secure aircraft operation. I also do my best to build a good relationship between Finnair and our customers. I always strive to offer the best possible service to enhance our customer satisfaction.”

Travel tip: “I recommend a meal at Yakitori Toritastu, a grilled chicken restaurant in Ichikawa city. It’s very cheap, but so delicious!”

Who: Kiyonori Imai
What: Sales Manager
Years with Finnair Cargo: 1

“My task is to handle sales on behalf of the air freight forwarder. The main products we ship are machine parts and automotive spare parts.”

Travel tip: “Take a short trip by local train to any rural area outside Tokyo.”

Text by Silja Kudel

Published April 15, 2013

Category: Finnair Cargo