Happy hub in Hong Kong


Excellence, quality, experience and professionalism are words that crop up when Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) are asked to describe the operations of their company. It is reassuring for Finnair Cargo to know that its handling agent in Hong Kong – one of the world’s biggest cargo hubs – has such high priorities.

“We have been providing ground handling service for Finnair since 2002,” says Hactl CEO Mark Whitehead. “Together we are working to provide the most efficient air cargo transportation services to the shippers and consignees.”

The two companies, according to Whitehead, have developed a professional relationship based on trust and a common understanding of joint objectives and results. Hactl takes care of cargo terminal handling, air cargo documentation, cargo x-ray and security checks as well as express cargo handling.

World’s busiest hub

Hactl has been the leading air cargo terminal in one of the world's busiest hubs for 37 years, Whitehead knows. 
“Our SuperTerminal 1 offers the most comprehensive services, the highest capacity of up to 3.5 million tonnes per annum, and innovative technology. We have dedicated facilities for all cargo types and sizes. Today, for example, we remain the only terminal that can handle horses in Hong Kong!”
Whitehead points out that this is also the only independent cargo terminal in Hong Kong whose shareholders include no airlines, making it the most neutral one in providing ground handling services for all airline customers. Hactl serves more than 100 airlines and over 1,000 freight forwarders from around the world.
“Quality service and efficiency are our key differentiators. We have 2,500 skilled and experienced full time employees, half of which have been working at Hactl for over a decade. This enables us to provide consistent services to our customers.”

Partner in paperless freight

At the heart of the operation is an award-winning air cargo management system called COSAC-Plus. 
“COSAC-Plus is a community platform for airlines, the civil aviation department, airport authority, customs, Hactl and all related parties to share and track cargo status efficiently and effectively.” 
With this system, airline customers are able to process customs clearance electronically, moving towards e-freight in the future. This supports Finnair’s aim of paper-free cargo operations based entirely on the e-AWB (electronic Air Waybill) business model. 

Gateway to China

Hong Kong remains a gateway to China, and Hactl is there to help. According to Whitehead, Hactl’s airline customers can take advantage of the company’s subsidiary Hacis’s road feeding service to connect air to mainland China. 
“Hacis is located at SuperTerminal 1, offering the most efficient air-road trucking services for airline customers who want to extend their reach into Pearl River Delta and Southern China.”
As for the future, Hactl hopes to continue working closely with Finnair, providing the most efficient ground handling support so that the two can grow together. 
“Finnair has developed a reputation of excellence and high-quality service. Flying from Hong Kong to Helsinki and beyond has developed Helsinki as a natural hub for northern Europe. The development of strong relationships is based on trust and understanding of customer needs – and that is core to achieving future growth and enhanced services.”
More info: Hactl.com
Text by Tim Bird
Photo by Hactl

Published October 24, 2013

Category: Collaboration