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Finnish company Globe Hope promises pleasing design items produced according to a consistent code of sustainability.

Ecology, ethics and aesthetics: these are the three keywords used by Finnish design company Globe Hope to describe its ideology. Sustainability and environmental friendliness have become buzzwords for business of all kinds, but sometimes companies only pay lip service to them. In Globe Hope’s case, these values are fundamental.

Globe Hope was established in 2003 and makes ecological design products using recycled materials. In Finland the company runs two brand stores in Helsinki in addition to over 100 retailers around the country.

“We're based in Nummela about 45 kilometres from Helsinki and export our products to nine European countries, Japan and the USA,” says the company’s founder and CEO Seija Lukkala, who was especially motivated to set it up by her frustration at the fast turnover and consumption of fashion designs and the resulting materials wastage.

“Our products include clothing lines with bags, accessories and corporate gifts that are made from a wide variety of repurposed materials, such as army and hospital textiles, uniforms, vintage textiles, sailboat sails and seatbelts.”

Quality recognised

The brand has won many awards for its ecological fashion and design work, including Amnesty International’s Designer of the Year in 2005 and the Suomi Palkinto (‘Finland prize’) for Art and Culture presented by the Finnish Ministry of Culture in 2006. The brand carries the Avainlippu – ‘open key’ – symbol identifying the best quality in Finnish skill and manufacture.

“It’s hard to estimate the cargo volumes as they vary greatly depending on the time of the year,” says Lukkala. “We make two collections per year so there's a larger number of packages being shipped out early in the spring and at the start of autumn. Mostly our export parcels are boxes each weighing between 7 to 15 kilos.

“Our products are made in Finland and Estonia and the shipment between the HQ and the sub-contractors is done only by land and sea to minimize emissions. But when you have to get somewhere fast, air travel is the way to go. We always choose the most ecological option in everything we do. Ecology and sustainability are the most important cornerstones of our business ideology, along with ethics and aesthetics.”

Second life for Finnair materials

As part of ongoing cooperation with Finnair, Globe Hope’s range also makes use of discarded and discontinued but hardy and durable in-flight materials. “Recently we've increasingly used Finnair's leftover materials in our production,” says CEO Seija Lukkala.

“When the uniforms were changed to a new style, the old ones were shipped to us. We have now been transforming them into new designs. As the uniform fabrics are of very good quality, they're perfect for at least another round of use. We've turned them into dresses, tote bags and purses, to mention a few items.

“We've also made purses and belts out of Finnair's old seatbelts. The materials have been used in our own collections and in products made especially for Finnair. The products have turned out great and they all have a special story. We're proud to co-operate with another strong Finnish brand. And of course we like to support a Finnish airline.”

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by Tim Bird

Published January 5, 2012

Category: Collaboration, Environment