Gift tips for busy travelers


Treat your family members, friends or business associates – or yourself – to earth-conscious and innovative presents with the help of our holiday gift guide.

Stylish brews and eco-friendly sips

1. The hourglass-shaped Chemex glass coffeemaker was invented in 1941, but has recently reached the height of trendiness. Coffee enthusiasts praise the pure, sediment-free flavor it achieves.
2. Reusable and colorful KeepCups replicate the standard sizes of disposable coffee cups. This Australian invention is an eco-friendly gift for a busy commuter.
3. Arabia’s seasonal Moomin mugs (pictured left), featuring Tove Jansson’s beloved characters, are coveted collectors’ items in Finland. The latest collection of mugs and bowls features the family skipping their annual winter sleep to have fun in the snow.

Innovations and gadgets

1. Manufactured in Finland, Plantui’s soil-free smart garden is a veritable indoor mini-greenhouse. LED lights and a nifty watering system allow for herbs to reach full growth in six weeks.
2. Helsinki-based Mozo Accessories offers a line of quilted sleeves and winter vests for smartphones and tablets. They shield your device from winter chills and preserve battery life.
3. Uploud Audio’s Finnish-made speakers merge great sound with good looks: a SEAS Prestige series coaxial driver creates a uniform sound throughout the room, and a range of “speakerwear” colors help you match the speaker to any space.
4. Suntrica’s MOVE Solarstrap helps eliminate the stress of running out of battery on your smartphone. The light device gathers solar energy that you can later use to give a jolt of energy to your tablet, camera or phone.

For adventurers big and small

1. Lego’s cargo terminal set (pictured right) includes all the essentials for a successful cargo flight, from a fuel truck and air control tower to a crew including a pilot, controller and three cargo workers.
2. The Kickspark is a sled for ambitious winter athletes: the streamlined design and light steel frame allow for high speeds. Developer Hannu Vierikko has multiple world championships in kicksled racing.
3. In Walk This World, graphic designer and illustrator Lotta Nieminen tells the story of a little girl who strolls around the world in one day. Each scene is rendered with countless small details.
4. Well before ”Nokia” was associated with mobile innovation, it was synonymous with rain boots. The heavy-duty Finnjagd features a sturdy heel and can be adjusted with laces. Nokian boots are also available via Finnair PlusShop.

Scents and styles

1. Lumi, known for its colorful leather accessories, has recently introduced a line of scented items inspired by Finland’s four seasons: the collection includes bath oils, bath salts and candles.
2. Award-winning Finnish shoe designer Terhi Pölkki has created a chic clog from vegetable-tanned leather. The birch sole is suited for urban strolling.
3. Finnish Costo turns recycled or discarded materials into accessories suited for a laid-back urban look. The Waris backpack is made of 100% recycled denim while the playful and popular Kombai hat collection now includes a line designed by Johanna Gullichsen.
4. The Fatcloth, a Finnish innovation, puts a fresh spin on the pocket square. Showcasing fun and modern designs, they are made of a microfiber fabric that withstands frequent washes and heavy-duty use.

Conscientious treats

1. Organic herbal teas by UK-based Pukka come in more than 30 varieties, from star anise and cinnamon or lemon and mandarin to teas intended for detox or bedtime.
2. Organic Seed & Bean offers fair-trade and organic chocolates. Try chili and lime, lavender, or lemon and cardamom.
3. Made of 100 percent blackcurrant, blueberry, lingonberry or cranberry, BERRYFECT berry powders (pictured right) can be sprinkled on top of a smoothie or yogurt, or used in desserts, salads or sauces. (recipes also available) and a number of online shops, including
Text by Laura Palotie
Photos by iStock and manufacturers
This article was originally published in Finnair's Blue Wings magazine (December 2014).


Published December 7, 2014

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