Finnair Cargo’s online publication turns one


Our customer publication, Finnair Cargo News, moved to an online format a year ago. This transition was carried out in order to offer our news in a fresh and convenient way.

Quite a lot has happened over the past year, and this new way of sharing our news has generated a lot of fresh energy and interest in our communications. It is rewarding to be able to publish our news immediately as they happen. Everyone involved in the production of this site has also learned new things, and it has been great to see the site grow every week.

By now all of Finnair Cargo's area directors have had a chance to publish their regional news on our blog, and more regional updates will follow as we move forward. The GSA series and other collaboration stories have offered our readers an opportunity to peek more closely into the world of our partners and customers.

As Finnair Cargo News kicks off its second year, our news production team members, including our partners at Sanoma Magazines and Nitro, are happy to continue their work to keep you informed on Finnair Cargo's services and other current topics.

We also launched Finnair Cargo's Twitter account to offer you a way to follow and comment on our news via social media. Occasionally we also share some of Finnair Cargo's news through the Finnair LinkedIn account.

Comments and questions through our traditional feedback channels are of course welcomed as well; you can fill out a feedback form on the site or email

We hope that you have enjoyed the content on this site. I’m looking forward to starting a new year with fresh topics!

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Published August 14, 2012

Category: Finnair Cargo