Express delivery expert joins the air cargo business


Since the beginning of February 2010, Finnair Cargo’s domestic air cargo sales, bookings and deliveries are handled by Jetpak Finland Ltd, a company that is specialised in Time Definite Express services.

Jetpak Finland CEO Pasi Junninen says that the domestic freight contract reinforces the company’s long-time cooperation with Finnair Cargo.

”Our partnership with Finnair began many years ago and strengthened when Finnair Cargo outsourced its own courier services to us. This new contract takes us more strongly into air freight operations, as we are responsible for domestic cargo sales, reservations and deliveries in Finland,” he says.

Junninen estimates that taking over the domestic air cargo services can increase the company’s turnover by about 10 per cent.

”Jumping into the freight business was a big step for us, which we considered for a long time. We wanted to broaden our service concept,” Junninen says.

In recent years, Jetpak has teamed up with various local airlines operating in other Nordic countries.

Speed is a competitive advantage

Jetpak’s core business is Time Definite door-to-door express services in the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe. Packages are delivered by the fastest possible route on the same day or within 12 hours of pickup.

For instance the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service uses Jetpak services on a daily basis for hospital blood deliveries. Besides healthcare companies, Jetpak’s other important customer groups are other logistics and express delivery companies, precision-, automotive- and high tech industries.

Traditional air cargo was a new business area for Jetpak in Finland.

”Finnair Cargo trained us in matters related to air cargo booking and reporting obligations. We hired one extra person to help handle the physical work,” adds Junninen.

He believes that Jetpak Finland in its current configuration is able to manage the domestic air cargo customer relationships and business operations that it inherited from Finnair.

”The operations are largely based on sales, which our customer service team is well equipped to handle,” he says.

Franchise contracts with local partners

Jetpak Finland seeks to develop closer cooperation with local partners who are responsible for pickup and delivery services.

”In the future, we aim to build our operational model based on franchise agreements, whereby a local partner will strengthen our presence and visibility in various locations. We will offer our partners support and means to expand their own business operations,” Junninen says.

Text by Olli Manninen
Photos by Robert Lindström

Published August 11, 2011

Category: Collaboration