Cargo 2000 – what’s not to like?


The introduction of the Cargo 2000, or C2K, air cargo industry system promises greater efficiency, improved customer service and reduced costs.

Cargo 2000 focuses on clear priorities for the world’s 80 major airlines, forwarding and ground handling agencies, truckers and IT companies. Supported by IATA as a non-profit group, C2K will increase cooperation between all key industry partners while encouraging transparency and information exchange.

“For our customers, quality is a real priority, so C2K complements our existing strategy,” says Kristian Voss, who heads the Cargo 2000 Implementation project in Finnair Cargo. 
“For our two cargo hubs, Helsinki and Brussels, our services need to be the best possible. So C2K fits well with what we are doing. After ‘going live’ this autumn with the new system, we are committed to meeting the C2K standards and renewing our processes in a controlled manner.”

Five key processes

Full membership status for Finnair, as for other members, will mean a clearer, more useful and more coherent flow of information to customers. Voss lists five key processes that will guide the dispatch and delivery of freight and actively involve the notification of customers about the status of their cargo. These processes also prove to the customer that the commitment is in place to measure and monitor the freight delivery system from start to finish.
“Firstly, there is Shipment Acceptance as received from the forwarding agent; we can equate this to check-in when comparing with air passenger handling,” Voss explains. 
“Secondly, confirmation must be made that shipments have departed on time. Thirdly, we have something called the Flown as Planned Indicator, whereby the booking list is matched against the flight manifest – again, in a passenger flight comparison, this is equivalent to checking the passenger list.”
The fourth process item is the receipt of confirmation from the handling agent that the freight has arrived at the destination. Lastly, the process is notified for delivery, with confirmation that the consignee can collect the shipment from the destination terminal. 

Feedback stream

CK2 will also increase contact and consultation with the customer, providing a stream of useful feedback to improve service, increase efficiency and reduce costs. 
“C2K represents a guarantee that cooperation with forwarding agents, for example, will be expanded,” says Voss. “This means meeting with forwarding agents and checking our performance with them, asking: Was it OK? Did we reach the target percentage? It means sitting down with our customers on a regular basis and checking the shipments on a particular route – Helsinki to Frankfurt, for example.. If we haven’t met the targets, then we discuss how to achieve them.”
This kind of regular consultation has not been part of the cooperation with forwarding agents previously. A similar process is planned for monitoring the satisfaction of ground handling customers. 
The main benefit for the customer of C2K, says Voss, will come in Finnair Cargo’s demonstration of commitment.
“Our industry partners also consider this to be important,” he says, adding that CK2 will also help Finnair Cargo improve its reaction time in informing customers about possible shipment discrepancy cases. “If we have some unexpected last minute changes in the Helsinki terminal and cannot manifest a load to a particular flight, we have to inform the forwarding agent and give them a reason why this is the case.”
Text by Tim Bird
Illustration by iStockphoto

Published August 23, 2013

Category: Collaboration