Cargo 2000 Quality Management certificate for Finnair Cargo

Finnair Cargo has received Cargo 2000 Quality Management certificate and is now a full member of the CK2 group.

C2K quality management system ensures transparency of actual freight movements for the customer by measuring certain milestones such as acceptance from forwarding agent, departure time, transport on booked flight, receipt at destination airport and notification for delivery.

The system also helps in enhancing service delivery by improving air freight processes thanks to the milestone measurement as well as an alert system, which enables accurate corrective actions based on information on potential deviations from the transport plan.

The performance of Finnair Cargo’s partners such as handling agents as well as road feeder service (RFS) providers is also measured in order to ensure smooth transport chain across Finnair Cargo’s entire network.

In comparison to traditional tracking&tracing methods Cargo 2000 Route Maps also provide “forward visibility” for the airline in the form of customer or individual order plans. This can help in improving capacity utilization as well as warehouse processes.

“Providing high quality air freight transportation on major tradelanes between Asia, Europe and Americas is in the core of our strategy, and therefore, Cargo 2000 is an essential tool in ensuring customer satisfaction as it comprehensively monitors the quality of operations in our network, and additionally enhances cooperation between all the parties involved in a shipment’s journey“, says Juha Järvinen, Finnair Cargo’s Managing Director. “We are happy to be part of this industry initiative that promotes harmonized processes and standards for airlines and forwarders, with the objective of producing quality improvements on a continuous basis.” 

Published December 2, 2013

Category: Finnair Cargo