Air cargo blogs for freight and logistics professionals


5 popular air cargo blogs that Finnair Cargo freight and logistics professionals follow for the latest industry news, best air cargo forecasts and facts.

Cool Logistics Global

Cool Logistics Global revolves around three main channels: a Cool Logistics blog on Medium, a collection of updated and curated resources called The Cool Logistician and event news (about one post a month) on their main website. They also host an annual conference and exhibition for perishable logistics and transport. This year it’s the tenth event and it will be held in October in Antwerp, Belgium. You can subscribe to their mailing list or follow them on Twitter where they tweet regularly, but their best resource by far is their site of curated stories at The Cool Logistician displaying stories from a number of excellent sources.

Air Cargo Week - AWB

Air Cargo Week is a very comprehensive publishing machine that specialises in airfreight news, industry events and awards, just check out their website. ACW’s email newsletter is published three times a week and here’s an example of what you can expect in your inbox. Air Cargo Week publishes in print and digital, and readers come from all categories of the global air logistics industry, including airline executives, airports, cargo handlers, freight forwarders, general sales agents and logistic service providers. Its website is a wonderful resource if you’re looking for trends, analyses and news. According to ACW, it’s the world’s only weekly newspaper published for air logistics professionals and you can read previous weekly editions online here. Air Cargo Week’s very first edition came out 20 years ago in 1998.

Air Cargo News

Check out Air Cargo News website if you’re looking for a publishing frequency of about 30 new stories per week and a website that feels fresh and familiar, with ‘most recent’ and ‘most popular’ story sections. Their email newsletter which goes out to 10,000 provides genuine value and you can subscribe for free here or follow new stories on Twitter. Air Cargo News is based in the UK and every year they host the glitzy Cargo Airline of the Year awards which normally attracts over 20,000 votes from readers of the print and digital editions of the Air Cargo News magazine. In August 2016 they hit 1 million page views in a calendar year on their website and they had a circulation of over 12,000 for their print magazine.

The Loadstar

The Loadstar claims that it is about making sense of the supply chain (a solid aim) and its daily emails and lively Twitter profile are certainly a good place to start if you’re looking for the latest industry news and guidance. When you sign up to receive inbox news you can choose whether you’re interested in air, land, see or supply chain or all of those, which is handy if you’re not too interested in every sector of the industry. The Loadstar, based in the UK, emerged in 2012 out of an airfreight blog and it publishes at an astonishing rate priding itself on high-quality independent journalism. Only today The Loadstar has published 4 articles categorised under ‘air’ and it’s easy to track which articles have the most recent comments so you can jump in with your own opinion.

Air Cargo World

Air Cargo World publishes about 20 new posts per week and a monthly magazine which it says is the most circulated magazine in the air cargo industry (23,000 subscribers located in 184 countries). It’s free to subscribe and log in to read the content – content which has been produced since 1942 when the magazine began. Air Cargo World is an air logistics magazine and is aimed at shippers and all the many other people involved in the global transport of perishables and manufactured goods. The magazine is full of data analysis, features and detailed coverage of events and trends affecting the air freight industry and with a pace of about 3 new articles every day it’s a great way to stay on top of all the big stories.

We will add more blogs to this list in 2018 as we collect recommendations from our industry colleagues.

Published February 28, 2018