5 COOL to know facts


Finnair Cargo’s state-of-the-art COOL Nordic Cargo Hub opens at Helsinki Airport next year. Ari Soinola, director cargo excellence, shares the ‘COOL’est details about the most modern cargo terminal in Europe. 

When is the COOL Nordic Cargo Hub slated to open?
“I am happy to say that construction has proceeded as planned. Finnair Cargo anticipates the terminal to open for business in May/June of 2017.”

What makes the COOL Nordic Cargo Hub special? 
“The COOL terminal is unique for many reasons. There are two dedicated temperature-controlled zones (3,000 square meters each): one for Pharmaceuticals (20 degrees Celsius) and another for perishables (2-8 degree Celsius). The process steering (tarmac, warehouse operations and truck yard) will be streamlined utilizing sophisticated technology. For example, our handlers will use a 10" tablet complete with warehouse application. Lastly, the terminal has been built with environmentally friendly principles and will have BREEAM certification. All energy produced from solar panels will be re-used in the terminal.”

How big is the largest cargo handling area?
“The largest zone is 25,000 square meters and will be used for general cargo. To put that into perspective – the zone is equal to roughly five American football fields.” 

What has been the biggest surprise?
“We knew this would be a complex project and one that would lead us into an advanced era of warehouse automation. Therefore, the corresponding interfaces between the warehouse and terminal building required more planning and coordination. At the same time, we are switched to SkyChain, our next generation cargo management system, which will go-live already prior the move to the new terminal.”

What can customers expect?
“The best word to describe this is efficiency. Finnair Cargo will offer improved quality across the board, a guaranteed temperature-controlled zone for special products and a faster turnaround time in Helsinki.”

Compiled by Shelly Nyqvist 

Published September 22, 2016

Category: Finnair Cargo